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Hotel-Restaurant TANYA Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach


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Adresa:Sunny Beach, next to GLARUS Hotel, next to VICTORIA Hotel and ALBATROS Hotel

Phone:за контакти 0554-2-50-40, 0898-78-17-53

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Servicii:Wi Fi, Parcare, Plata Prin Card, Aer Condiționat, Grădină / Terasă, In aer Liber, Zona Copii, DJ / Singer (la cerere), Meniu de Prânz, Ocazii Speciale

Număr de locuri:80

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Tip de bucătărie:English, Națională a Bulgariei, European, Italian, International, German, Pește și fructe Specialitate, Mediterranean, Steakhouse, Boutique, Bio / Organic, Produse bio

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Hotel "TANYA" is located in first line only 50m from the azure coast and offers his guests 2 single rooms, 3 double rooms 6 studios & 3 flats-all air conditioned, with mini bar,TV,telephone, bath and unlikely sea view. The hotel disposes enough with refined restaurant and cafe bar Try The BEST-Forget the rest: Beef Burgers-Toast with Heinz Beans-Steaks-Fish Delicacy- Meat Specialities-Lamb Meat- Barbeque Grill-Pizza- BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD- and many more...

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