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Restaurant "MODERATO" Tavern "CHANOVE" Bansko



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Adresa:Restaurant MODERATO, Tavern CHANOVE, Bansko 2770, Bulgaria, St. Ivan Rilski SPA Hotel

Phone:0749-87-400, 0884-386-464

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Servicii:Wi Fi, Parcare, Plata Prin Card, Aer Condiționat, Zona Copii, Meniu pentru Copii, Ocazii Speciale, Petreceri pentru Copii, Petreceri de Firma

Număr de locuri:300

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Tip de bucătărie:English, Națională a Bulgariei, European, Pește și fructe Specialitate, Mediterranean, Steakhouse, Boutique


Moderato Restaurant is the main restaurant in St. Ivan Rilski SPA Hotel Bansko,following the concept of the famous restaurant with the same name in Sofia.This is one of few places in Bansko offering European cuisine with Mediterranean accent. Chanove Tavern - Those who associate Bansko with typical taverns & traditional Bulgarian dishes will be welcomed with a smile and warm hospitality in Chanove tavern.It is vast, has fireplace,winery and 200 seats.Tavern is suitable for family and party. The menu also consists of refined Bulgarian meals.Special attention is paid to the health food. The wine list is another item which distinguishes with own style and class.

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