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Pub & Pizza "ROMANCE" Burgas



Address:Pub & Pizza ROMANCE, Burgas, Bulgaria, Slaveikov, bl. 62

Phone:0700 20 011

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Services:Wi Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Garden/ Terrace, Catering services


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Cuisine:Bulgarian, European, Italian, International

Number of reviews: 13418


Romance Pub & Pizza provides food delivery on the territory of Burgas.

In our aspiration to always offer the best service to our customers we, the team of Romance Pub & Pizza have started the, “deliveries” service using our own transport and specialized temperature – resistant pottery.
Our goal is to ultimately preserve the fresh taste of food and ensure high-quality service , according to the standards of the chain of qualified personnel.
To avoid any additional costs for our customers we also provide packages and containers for free,while the delivery fee is unified for the territory of the town. Romance Pub & Pizza offers food delivery to Your home or office.

You can make Your order at:

0700 200 11

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