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Restaurante "TE QUIERO" Sofia



Address:Restaurante TE QUIERO, Sofia, Bulgaria, 56 A, Bulgaria Blvd, Ex- Hedon Restaurant

Phone:За резервации: 0888-04-04-04

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Services:Wi Fi, Parking, Garden/ Terrace, DJ/ Singer (upon request), Special occasions - birthday party, wedding, etc., Company parties


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Cuisine:Bulgarian, Vegeterian, Spanish, Fish and Seafood Specialities, Mediterranean, Steakhouse, Boutique, Latin American, Bio products

Number of reviews: 7537


Appetizers Milk croquettes with Jamon “Pata negra” 4,20 lv Bites of tuna fish salad with anchovy & prawns 1,30 lv Bites of marinated salmon & crab rolls 1,70 lv Bites of eggs, leeks & cocktail shrimps 1,40 lv Cod filled confitted in olive oil 25,20 lv Goosefish steak stewed in tomato souse & nuts 29,90 Tuna fish fillet with spinach 29,90 lv Milfioi from veal fillet with foie gras, porcini mushrooms, browned with aioli cream and presented with apples Bouquet of fresh lettuces, tomatoes & pine nuts 8,40 lv Fresh lettuces with avocado, marinated salmon and Mushroom vinaigrette 14,90 lv Paella with chicken and seafood for two29,00 lv Cuttlefish and squid with black rice for two 29,00 lv Paella of the day 15,00 lv Chocolate flan with Baileys cream 28,90 lv Veal fillet with foie gras in Porto souse 29,90 lv Please for full details visit our website

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