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Hotel-Restaurant "KRALEV DVOR" Bansko



Address:Bansko, Terzi Nikola str. 3

Phone:0749-88-527, 0885-839-476

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Services:Wi Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Garden/ Terrace, Breakfast, Special occasions - birthday party, wedding, etc., Company parties, Private parties


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Cuisine:English, Bulgarian, European, International

Number of reviews: 4627


Welcome to Hotel-Restaurant "KRALEV DVOR" Bansko with address: Bansko, Terzi Nikola str. 3. The restaurant has a capacity of 50 seats and is one of the restaurants in Bansko which offers the following types of cuisine: English, Bulgarian, European, International, and the following services and extras: Wi Fi, Parking, Air Conditioning, Garden/ Terrace, Breakfast.

The restaurant is excellent for organizing special events such as: special occasions - birthday parties, weddings, and kid's birthday Parties, company parties, private parties.

Phone number for contact and reservations at Hotel-Restaurant "KRALEV DVOR" Bansko: 0749-88-527, 0885-839-476.

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