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The Jolly Party Bar "JACK`S" Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach


Adresa:Party Bar JACK`S, Sunny Beach, ALBA Hotel


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Servicii:Wi Fi, Parcare, Plata Prin Card, Grădină / Terasă

Număr de locuri:120

Categorie Pret:

Tip de bucătărie:English, Națională a Bulgariei, European, International, Pește și fructe Specialitate, Steakhouse

Numărul de comentarii: 3681


Old Jack hasn’t retired. Now he’s run off to Sunny Beach enjoying boat drinks and fun in the sun. Join the cheerful crowd at his place! If you are thirsty, your thirst will be slaked. If you are hungry, your hunger will be stilled. If you need fun, at Jack’s you will never have enough of it! Meet him on the main walk, at Alba hotel. Yo, ho, ho!

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